Gold Wing klub CZ: Brief History of the Club

The beginning of the Honda Gold Wing owners and fans Club Czech Republic (GWCCZ) dates back to 1994, after a few of the owners of the kingly machines told themselves it wouldn´t be a bad idea at all to establish their own club. And that´s why at the beginning of the 1995 the first Czech club with its logo saw the light of the day for the first time. The godfathers of the „baby“ were then masters Zvelebil, Svoboda and Dobias.
The following expectable step was to become a member of the Gold Wing European Federation (GWEF). Ever since that time the GWCCZ has organised the Czech International Treffen once in a year as well as the other European owners clubs. In the past ten years nearly all the noted places in our republic were represented. The most significant treffens included the meeting in Karlovy Vary, Prague, Melnik, Kacov or České Budejovice.
Our club has about fifty active members today and is in full life. And the main thing that unites all its members is happy and free ride on the single-track king – Honda Gold Wing.